One hit wonders they call 'em, mostly in the pop world, because country typically has people with several charted songs but may only one hits top five. I call them "1 and Done".  Today I chose, Clay Davidson's "Unconditional", a 2000 hit that went to #3 in Billboard. He had two more songs from his album that didn't make it and then Clay went away.

"Unconditional" is such a good tune, about a father-son relationship. It gets very little airplay anymore.

Clay, who was born in 1971, in Saltville, Virginia, won the Charlie Daniels Talent Round-Up Show on TNN and was signed to a Nashville record label.

These days Clay is back in Virginia and playing in a band called "Caution".

From our Facebook page here are some other 1 and Done's our listeners remember:

Troy Taylor think his name was Doug Supernaw...I don't call him daddy,pretty sure he was"1" and "done"!!

Shawna Walker Hendrix Julie Roberts "Break Down Here" and Bertie Higgins "Key Largo"

Amanda Smith Mine is still Shane McAnally Say Anything. Although I think he was a 2 and done technically. And James Bonamy. Remember that guy? My 5 year old daughter LOVES Dog on a Toolbox, lol!

Lisa Nix Pirates of the Mississippi "Feed Jake"

And, I wrote back ...

Troy, you had the name correct. He eventually had trouble with the law in his home state of Texas. Good call Winter Beach Carden. Robin Lee had the country version, her only hit. Aw, Shawna Walker Hendrix Bertie Higgins Key Largo, one of my favorites. Amanda Smith, I still have the toolbox the company sent out as a promotional item!