Because of avenues like social media and texting, bullying has become an epidemic in this country. The psychological damage inflicted on kids today is taking a horrible toll. Hopefully, more kids like Caine Smith will emerge.

He's 11-years-old and there's absolutely nothing about his life or anyone else's, for that matter, that merits the mistreatment he endures on a regular basis. As he says, not a day goes by that he isn't picked on or called names.

Bullying today is at a whole other level from when I was a kid. Back then, there were no mind games involved or desires to ostracize. It was just meanness. Also, when I was a kid, parents weren't looking the other way as some do today. I can recall a number of occasions where if a kid was picking on another kid, he'd get in trouble...and on two fronts--at school and at home.

It doesn't seem to be happening like that anymore, so it's good there's a kid like Caine Smith--and hopefully more like him--who are unwilling to tolerate it and who ARE willing to stand up and do something about it.

The kid's courageous and strong and people of ALL ages could learn a lot from him.