As Lincoln, Nebraska police were doggedly searching for a 3-year-old boy who'd wandered out the front door of his apartment building, that same boy was having a big old time right across the street in the local bowling alley.

He wasn't knocking down strikes like bowling's version of Tiger Woods. No, he had climbed into one of those arcade claw machines that are nearly IMPOSSIBLE to win and playing with the stuffed animals that now surrounded him.

Hey, a little boy will climb into or onto or up anything he thinks he can. I can attest to that fact. When I was 5 years old, I was with my mother and sister at the old Anderson's Department Store in downtown Owensboro. (It's the museum, now.) The men's department was three steps higher than the rest of the ground floor. The rail for those three steps was oval-shaped. And while Mom wasn't looking, I stuck my head in it.

And I was stuck there for about 20 or 30 minutes until a manager got some oil soap or something and got me unstuck.

The funniest part of it--and I didn't learn this until much later--was how embarrassed my sister embarrassed, in fact, that she begged my mother to just leave me there.


Anyway, I couldn't have climbed through the opening this kid climbed through to get where he got. So kudos...I think.


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