George Strait has one of the most staggeringly successful careers in the history of music. I guess maybe I never realize the scope of the man's magnitude because there's never been a time when I wasn't playing a George Strait song on the radio. I've just taken it for granted that there will always be a next George Strait single and that we'll play it. And that is exactly the point.

George Strait has had at least one song in the Top 10 for each of 31 consecutive years. He's had the record for some time. But with "The Breath You Take"--easily one of the longest-running chart singles of King George's career--carrying over into 2011, he extends his streak. Take a look at the accomplishments of some of the biggest names--legends--in other genres. As far as singles chart success is concerned, the Beatles (for obvious reasons), Elvis, Elton John--none of them--can hold a candle to Strait. Counting all country singles charts (Radio & Records, Mediabase 24/7, Billboard), he's recorded 57 number one singles. All tolled, it comes to 84 top tens. And I don't see it stopping anytime soon. If George Strait's run comes to an end, I'm guessing it will be his decision. He's probably here for as long as HE wants to be.