So how well do you communicate with your teenager? Now, I'm not talking about the “birds and the bees” discussions (although let me just throw in here how important those are to have) but if your son/daughter comes home and says something is “sick," do you immediately run to the family medicine cabinet or would you know the teen slang-guage “sick” means “awesome!” If you ran to get a dose of the night-time relief medication, you are not alone. Several parents have the “WTF” (what the flip?) looks on their faces, which is also the same look I get from some restaurants when I order some random food item for Jaclyn Graves...

Teen slang-guage evolves with each generation, although kids today would like to think they came up with the cool slang they use. NEWSFLASH TEENIE BOBBERS of AMERICA: We were the coolest generation using words like phat, no not F.A.T., in context it means “awesome” and my favorite psych, which by the way means, well I don’t think anyone knows what it really means so I will use it in a sentence. Want a bite of my ice cream? Psych!” And then you don't give your victim a bite of the ice cream... Love it!!

So, I asked my daughter to compile a list of some of the more popular sayings used around high schools today; which some you may recognize bringing together my point of how much cooler earlier generations were.  Here it is:

  1. Real Talk – sounds to me like a talk show or a 80s sitcom but to them it means “Like, seriously?”
  2. For real? -   this one has been around a while and the meaning still the same: “Are you kidding me?”
  3. Beat – no not the hip Micheal Jackson song “Beat It,” Beat means “ugly”
  4. Herp – not going to go there with this one, it means “nasty”
  5. Legit – means “true” or again something from the 80s "Too Legit to Quit.:
  6. Whatever – again been around for a while, meaning is “okay shut up, I’m done listening to you!”
  7. Fake – a person who doesn’t have anything better to do than talk behind someone’s back.
  8. Are you trippin'? – are you okay? Or are you high, because what you just told me is outrageous!
  9. Ugg – shut up/ I’m frustrated/ leave me alone
  10. Delicious – to me this describes a blueberry doughnut from Dunkin' Donuts but to her it means Super Super Hot!! Not the weather but referring to an overly cute guy.
  11. Come at me bro – Bring it on!/ Let’s go – like for fighting.
  12. Beast – this is my son’s favorite word – it also means it's the greatest... ever!!
  13. Shut up! – No way!
  14. Smedium – A men’s large that will fit snuggly on a toddler. Just saying that word  is fun.
  15. And lastly and also the one I do not understand is “Smexy” – which means super sexy! But actually sounds like something you would order at your local Mexican restaurant, “Excuse me I would like a Smexy burrito please.” A burrito smothered in cheese and served by a hot senor who wouldn’t want that?!!!

Okay, well there you go, I hope this list will help bridge the gap between your generation and the teenage generation. Stay tuned for “What the Heck Are you texting, the art of reading words like, I.K.R., and knowing what they mean.”