Here's more on the black singers that have graced Country music over the years. Today let's start with Carl Ray.

Now, I haven't heard much about this fellow, in fact nothing. Maybe you have. You can check Carl out here but be careful music starts playing immediately.

One of the most famous and all time great artists, not necessarily a Country singer is the late Ray Charles.

Even though his hits in Country music were mostly duets, I consider him the most influential artist on Country Music's gravitation to the "Nashville Sound", based on his 1962 multi-million seller, Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music.

His versions of Don Gibson's "I Can't Stop Loving You" and "Born to Lose" are fabulous.

A fun guy to watch perform is Cowboy Troy.

He has toured and appeared with Big and Rich for several years.

Earlier this month I did an In Memoriam tribute and did not realize Stoney Edwards had passed. We played in music in Louisville in the 70's. His voice was reminiscent of Trace Adkins'.

Just a few of the many African-American Country stars we salute during Black History month.

Tomorrow, my personal recollections of meeting Cleve Francis and how I saw a king.