Yesterday I was checking my anti-freeze on my vehicles making sure they had the right blend of anti-freeze & water so my engine block doesn't freeze this winter, and today I checked the tires and discovered a nail in one of my tires, I'm glad I caught that problem before it turns 5 degrees outside. So don't wait til it gets too cold outside to check over your vehicle because freezing cold temperatures will be here before you know it.

#5  Check your tire pressure

                 Make sure each tire has the correct air pressure for better traction & less tire wear.

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#4 Check Windshield Wipers

Be sure to check your windshield wiper blades and windshield wiper fluid for better visibility

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#3 Give your battery some TLC

Make sure your battery posts are corrosion-free and has all the water it needs and have a repair shop check it out if its 3 years old & older to make sure it still holds a charge.

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#2 Belts & Hoses

Cold weather can cause wear & tear on belts and hoses, be sure to get those checked out

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#1 Anti-Freeze

This one is very important to protect your vehicles engine in very cold conditions, make sure you have a 50/50 mix of anti-freeze & water in your radiator, you can buy a cheap anti-freeze tester at just about any store.