You just never know what you'll find on Twitter, right? This little tid-bit of information casually scrolled on my timeline and I had to do a double-take when I saw it.

It read...

"There is a company named "Heavens Above Fireworks" which can convert your ashes into a firework after you die."

Ummm, I'm sorry...what?!?

Now, I'm a firm believer of "to each his own", but this one has me shaking my head a little. I did a little googling and found out that this company, Heavens Above Fireworks does actually exist. And, not only can you or a loved one be created into a fireworks display, but your pets can too!

So, I have to ask you... is this something you would consider? I'm just not sure. But, then again, I do LOVE fireworks and the Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays!