This morning, The Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce's Rooster Booster Breakfast was held at the new Owensboro Health Regional Hospital. The program was held in front of a sold out crowd and broadcast live on 1490 WOMI-AM.

Those in attandence were treated to a tour of the new facility, and since I was there running tech for WOMI, I went on one of the tours. I must say, the facility is breath-taking! Not only is the nine floor structure beautiful, it is very well laid out. It is very easy to navigate and the technology in the building is extremely advanced.

Owensboro Health is holding a community Open House this weekend, Saturday from 10am-6pm and Sunday from Noon-6pm. There are a number of activities planned as well as tours of the new hospital. The tour is an incredible experience, and something not many communities get the chance to do. Below are a few audio clips from this mornings Rooster Booster Breakfast from 1490 WOMI-AM about the new hospital and I will upload some pictures from the tour I took as well!




TSMOwensboro's Tour at the new Owensboro Health Regional Hospital album on Photobucket