So, if you are a listener of my mid-day show, you'll remember how sad I was that I didn't get to go to Blake & Miranda's wedding. (Of course, it was because I was busy, not because I didn't get an invitation!! Ha!)

Well, today in the studio, Deborah Allen stopped by to promote her new single. (She was awesome by the way!!!) Well, we got to chatting (shocker!) and she was telling me about the wedding. (Yep...she was there!!) So, then, she tells me that they (The Shelton's!!) wanted her to bring me back something since I wasn't able to make it!

How cool is the koozie!!! I love it! On the truck license plate, it reads "The Shelton's!!" And, I will never open the coffee!! It's awesome! Now, I can lie...I mean, play tricks on people and tell them I was really at the wedding!!

Here's part two of the Deborah Allen interview: