This just in from the Daviess County Public Schools.

Please join them for a retirement reception honoring Judy Hayden and Dolores Howard on Sunday, May 15, 2011, at 2:00 p.m. at Southern Oaks Elementary School. 

Judy Hayden began her teaching career at Utica Elementary in 1974.  She has taught for 32 years.  One year was at Calhoun Elementary School and the remaining 31 years have been at Utica and Southern Oaks.  Judy has taught all grades, but has a true passion and love for the primary grades.  In 2009 Judy won the Wal-Mart Teacher of the Year Award.  She has also done workshops for the Department of Agriculture on teacher training.  Judy has also worked with Murray State and Western Kentucky University on Environmental Workshops for graduate students.  She has also served on DCEA numerous times.  Judy has also been involved in curriculum alignments and mentored several student teachers through the years. 

Dolores Howard has 31 years of service.  Her first year was as parent volunteer at Utica Elementary School.  She was then hired and worked 2 years at Utica.  She then spent 5 years at Sutherland working with kindergarten through 2nd grade students.  Then a year at Masonville working with 2nd grade students.  Dolores then worked with the KIK program serving kindergarten students at BES and Philpot for a year.  She then took a leave for 5 years and worked at the Teacher’s Aid.  Then she returned and worked with the preschool program at Tamarack for 3 years.  When AES opened the first year Dolores move and worked there for 4 years.  Dolores was then teamed with Judy Hayden at Utica and they have spent the last 14 year at Utica and Southern Oaks working together with kindergarten through 2nd grade students.  Dolores and Judy began their careers at Utica and will fittingly finish them together at Southern Oaks Elementary School.  Judy had Dolores daughter in her first classroom.  Thank you ladies for all your service and dedication to our students, staff, and schools!