Every family has one.....the kid who makes every family outing or get together just a little more difficult. In my family that kid just happens to be my youngest, Sophia. So what does Sophie want for Christmas?  How about a wig, a poodle, and hairspray. Who knew my little girl would want the same gifts John Waters asked for this year?

My son is super easy....video games or anything that is made of Nerf material and can be used as a projectile. I can handle my two older girls..even the teenager is easy compared to a wig, a poodle, and hairspray. When asked what kind of stuffed poodle she liked color, size, etc. ...she replied,"No, I want a real poodle." I'm thinking maybe I should sew a poodle skirt, give her a bee-hive hairdo, and give up. I think this kid and Carsyn would get along expertly. Little bit is in for a loving but somewhat disappointing Christmas this year.

Hopefully your Holiday shopping is a little less bizarre this year. Whatever the difficult one wants I wish him or her and all your people a healthy and happy Holiday!!! Thank you all for listening and reading, playing our contests and requesting your favorite tunes, and always making us all smile. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at WBKR!!