Owensboro native and speed-painter extraordinaire, Aaron Kizer, will be live at Reids Orchard Saturday, June 22nd!  Buffalo Stille and Ron Clutch of Nappy Roots will be performing with him along with professional dancer Marquese Scott A.K.A Nonstop!  The show starts at 7:30 PM and you can order tickets online or at the show for $35.

Aaron Kizer , born in Owensboro, has become a true speed-painting expert! His live paintings are incredible and he does them with such perfection and uniqueness rarely seen with typical painters.  This is because with live speed painting the artist begins with a blank canvas and creates a work of art while music is performed. It’s exciting to watch the artist complete a work right before your eyes! This is a must see event at Reids Orchard June 22nd. You do not want to miss Aaron’s expertise with a brush while Kentucky rappers Buffalo Stille and Ron Clutch of Nappy Roots perform!