If you've never seen Aaron Kizer paint live, you are missing out on one of Owensboro's real treasures.  Aaron is a friend of mine and he's probably gonna read this and be all shy and humble about it, but the truth is this.  Aaron Kizer is a rock star and is literally flirting with superstardom.  Truly.  And what he is accomplishing in the worlds of art and pop culture is astounding.  And, lucky for us, he's still hanging in the 'Boro and treating his hometown fans to his amazing gifts and talents.  And, Saturday, November 16th, Aaron is going to prove why he is "A Piece of Work."

Tickets for Aaron Kizer's newest live performance are available now by CLICKING HERE!

"A Piece of Work" is 8pm, Saturday, November 16th at the Pangea Center on Carter Road in Owensboro.  General admission tickets are just $20 per person.  V.I.P. tickets are $40 per person and include special seating and a limited edition Kizer print.

This event will feature Aaron and his friend Byron Doty, who is an accomplished tattoo artist, will be performing live as well.


Get your tickets for "A Piece of Work" now.  Aaron is incredible.  The way he sees the world and brings it to life so easily yet magically is insane.  This guy is an incredible talent and we are so fortunate to have him here in Owensboro.  He is truly a gift and "a piece of work."