Ladies (and some gentlemen), ABC has announced their latest "Bachelor". I didn't watch this season of "The Bachelorette", but tuned in to see the announcement of who would be the next hunk to grace my television on Monday nights, haha!

Ok, he's gorgeous, fun, gorgeous, feisty and gorgeous!

Who is he?!?

It's Juan Pablo! He's a single-dad from Miami and he's ready to find his wife and step-mother for his four year-old daughter. Here's the thing... we have to wait until January for the new season to start. Now, the one thing that this tells me is that I still have time to apply! I mean, I haven't been on a first date since 2005 (seriously!!), I think it may be time to get back on that bicycle!

Get more information about Juan Pablo and to see his announcement, click HERE.

Now... someone call Chris Harrison, Momma needs a rose!