I am a huge car fan! A classic muscle car or a shiny new pick-up truck can turn my head in an instant. I enjoy going to car shows, reading car magazines, and working on cars. Anything to do with cars, it catches my attention. That is why when I heard about a “Supercar” coming to town, I had to find out more, and I had to share the information with you!

This weekend, during the Barbecue Festival, the U.S. Air Force is going to have a booth with the centerpiece being one of the Supercars they created. The car they are bringing is the Vapor!

I have heard about these cars before, but mainly information about the one they call the X-1. Both cars are part of a recruitment strategy by the Air Force. A crew familiar with car modification from Galpin Auto Sports and members of the Air Force got together to design the cars. The idea was to show of the skills of the men and women in the Air Force as well as the technology they have used and/or created. Each car is outfitted differently.

The X-1 is built from a stock Mustang, and is built to show the muscle of the Air Force. It is outfitted to resemble a fighter jet. The Vapor (which will be at Barbecue Fest) is built from a stock Dodge Challenger, and is built to show off more of the technology of the Air Force. It is outfitted in a stealth style and loaded with tech!

I think this is a very cool project and it does a great job showing off the skills of both the car experts and the men and women of the Air Force. I can’t wait to check out the Vapor this weekend!

Below is a video of the last stages of both cars being built as a preview!