It is funny how music or a TV episode can bring back old memories and feelings. And sometimes a trip down memory lane can be just what the doctor ordered!

I decided to do just that last night after catching up with one of my friends. We started talking about when we met back in college and how much simpler life was back then (even though at the time we hated all of the papers, lectures, and tests). We reminisced for a few hours, but when I got home I started thinking about my days in college.

I decided to watch some old episodes of a show I used to watch in college. And sure enough I started having “flashbacks”. It was like I was back in freshman year sitting in front of the TV on a Thursday night waiting for my show to come on. I started to remember some of the things I would do at the time, like tinkering with re-building radios, and even some of the music of that time that I had forgotten about (I ended up writing several of them down so I can listen to them again lol).

The trip down memory lane was really nice and much enjoyed. It was very relaxing actually.  It allowed me to remember the good times, but it also let me see where I have come. If you get the time, I suggest everyone take some time and take a trip down memory lane.