It's been a long day. Ok... a long week. (Yes, I realize it's only Wednesday.) Last night, Carsyn got a spanking right before she went to sleep and got two before pre-school this morning.

Someone, anyone, tell me that this feeling of being a "No! Don't do that" Mommy will eventually go away. After a quick Facebook status update this morning, I've found that I'm not alone. Actually, lots of y'all are going thru the same thing.

So, fellow-parents... what do we do? I don't know about you, but one of my main goals as a parent is to ensure that my child is not-only a respectful child, but grows into a respectful adult. And, I feel that one way to make sure that happens is to set boundaries and expectations for her AND to hold her accountable for those. Now, I get it. No one is perfect all of the time. Heck, as grown-ups we all have bad days. And, I understand that we tend to take those bad days out on those that we love and care for the most. But, I'm concerned with helping her find that balance.

At our house tonight, the TV will be off. See, I try all types of discipline; spankings, time-outs and taking things away. The problem is that she doesn't seem to care, ha! Oh me... my strong-willed child will always be able to hold her own.

Not real sure where I'm going with this, just wanted to let y'all know that you're not alone in this constant fight. It seems that the majority of us parents are driving ourselves crazy wondering if we ever say anything except for "No! Don't do that! Stop!". But, I'm guessing you're like me. After I've calmed down, (and trust me, I take lots of breaks alone in my closet just counting to ten. Or 110, ha!) Carsyn and I have a heart to heart about how Mommy loves her and how it's very important that she listen and follow the rules. Not sure if she hears anything I say, but I know she understands 'I love you' and the hug that always follows.

So, parents of unruly children... know that you're doing the right thing! And, that there are SO many people experiencing the same struggles that you are. Let's just take it one spanking, I mean one day at a time.  ;)