Do you overuse a certain word or phrase? Then you may want to take a gander at Lake Superior State University's 2012 list of banished words and phrases. This is LSSU's 37th banished words list and just as a refresher, here are some of 2011's choices: viral, epic, using Facebook and/or Google as verbs, "I'm just sayin'", BFF, and "Live life to the fullest". Um, I'm just sayin' all of these are just part of today's lexicon, ooh, there's a word I hope hasn't been banished yet. Some of 2012's selections I totally agree with, but a few are hilarious. Here is my analysis of the 2012 list:

#12. "Thank you in advance": Again, most of these are phrases and I don't see the problem with this one. However, why would one thank someone "in advance", why not bite the bullet and thank he or she on the spot? On second thought, it is kind of stupid.

#11. Ginormous: Over the last month, I watched Elf multiple times. And it's the only time, I've heard this made-up adjective used and it was used in a funny manner. Just how big is ginormous? It's basically a hybrid of the words gigantic and enormous; yeah, that's our society today. It's all about the shortcuts. I know I would never use it in everyday writing or blogging. Fake words never succeed.

#10. Trickeration: Another made-up word I happen to love. Trickery just isn't good enough, but I would say this one could meet actual banishment. Or it could grow into trickerationry. See how easy it is to make up a word?

#9. "Win the Future": This is the first phrase on the list I'm not familiar with. I'm thinking it may have a political or technological meaning. Or maybe a clever screenwriter can steal it and Michael J. Fox can make a proper comeback. Bad joke.

#8. "Pet parent": I do not own a pet, but I would like to someday. I would say most pet owners consider themselves parents. It makes sense. Sorry LSSU, but I think this one will endure. Foreshame!

#7. "The New Normal": Just what the heck does this mean?!? Normal is normal. Is is neither old nor new. Gosh!

#6. "Man Cave": Oh boy, here we go. Let's just call a rec room a rec room or a basement and be done with it. What's sad is, there's an entire series on the DIY Network dedicated to the "Man Cave" and it's called, what else? Man Caves.

#5. Blowback: Um, we'll skip this one.

#4. Occupy: Now we're getting somewhere. Thanks to the many "Occupy" movements that spread like wildfire (is that banned?) across the country this year, I can't believe this didn't top the list. After all, TIME magazine declared 2011 "The Protestor" as it's "Person of the Year", give me a break!

#3. "Shared Sacrifice": This is another political term, and I don't know it. Next!

#2. "Baby Bump": Here's another one that will not be banished. I think it's cute. Just sayin'

#1. Amazing: Yes, a commonly used adjective tops LSSU's annual list. LAME! But I thought I would do some investigating and find out just how old the word is. According to, amazing comes from Middle English and its roots are over a thousand years old. Take that banishment!