Sing it with me!  "Who let the dogs out?   Woof!  Woof!  Who let the dogs out?"  Okay, you can stop singing now!  LOL!  The American Cancer Society is going to the dogs . . . literally . . . on Saturday, August 20th at Panther Creek Park!  They are hosting an awesome event for man's best friend.  It's called BARK IN THE PARK!  And you and your pups are invited to come out, wag your tails, and help raise money for the fight against cancer!

BARK IN THE PARK is going to be a fun-filled day with all kinds of stuff for you and the pooches to do!  There will be a live dj, photos, dog grooming (Sorry!  You'll have to bathe at home!), dog tattoos, "kibbles and bits"  for you and the hound, a doggie store and a huge silent auction!

Registration begins at 8am with opening ceremonies scheduled for 9.  The actual BARK IN THE PARK walk begins at 9:15, with activities scheduled to run from 10am to 1!

Right now, you can pre-register for the event and save some cash!  The entry fee is just $20 between now and the day of the event.  However, the actual day of the event it will be $25.  Included in the registration fee are a t-shirt for you and a cool, stylish bandana for your pup!

To register for BARK IN THE PARK, call 270-683-0778.  Or you can visit the official BARK IN THE PARK website!

Oh . . . and one more thing we have to throw in . . . LOL!