The days when 'American Idol' had thirty million viewers has -- at least for now -- dropped to eleven million. Randy Jackson has been there since the start, and many other judges have come and gone, but this may be the first time ALL will be replaced. Who would replace them. I suggest John Legend. That dude was great on Project Runway. Taylor Swift would be brilliant and she would bring those precious 18-49 year-olds back. How about Kelly Ripa? Jimmy Kimmel? Who do you think would be a good choice?

Producer Nigel Lythgoe might be out. Apparently Ryan Seacrest is safe, but he is so busy with personal projects he'd probably welcome the pink slip. If this were just some show, 11 million viewers would be totally acceptable. This show though is the Mt. Everest of reality star-finder shows.

Steve Thompson, our American Idol expert, says these are just "rumors and rumors of rumors". I think, however, these rumors are true and it will happen.