Casey goes home and WBKR's American Idol expert Steve Thompson shares his blog with us.

At least at this stage of the proceedings, Idol seems to have fallen on its sword. The season of promise and renewal many believed to be coming with this season has degenerated into a sly game of make sure everybody likes the top 11 so UMG gets a boatload of money.

What else can be the reason? If it takes this long for the judges to realize some constructive criticism might actually get some contestants to step up their game, what happened to the ones we lost while this game was being played?

I thought Jimmy Iovine would help the show-- and in some ways, better production seems to have helped. However, I think there's also a degree of stifling creativity afoot as well.

Stop throwing the people who are challenging your anointed ones under the bus!

By the way, I mentioned this on facebook: Will you kids voting for Jacob snap out of it already? This is not a Twilight movie.

Of the 265 people on my Facebook page, only one has actually come to Jacob's defense so far. I'm no statistics expert, but 1 out of all the people I know seems a bit low for someone who has had the worst performances according to the fans who vote in all the polls.

Anyway, next week's theme is "Now and Then." Each singer has two songs, one current and one from the 60's..

Next Thursday, JLo gets to sing and Lady Antebellum is on the show.

We'll see, won't we?

@April 29, 2011 Stephen W Thompson