I think we can all agree American Idol is a whole new ball game this year. Forget the judges' drama and the contestants you thought might make it through to the Top 20, the voting process is getting a very big upgrade.Starting Tuesday night, not only will viewers be able to vote the old-fashioned "call this toll-free number" way, they will get to submit 50, yes, 50 online votes for their favorite contestant. Don't worry, unlimited texting and calling for your favorite is still a go, but you can only submit your 50 online votes for one contestant, once. Yes, I can already see glitches and a lot of unhappy fans, but can you imagine how many votes will be tallied now? Hundreds of millions as opposed to 50 million. And will this skew the votes toward a contestant who could be overlooked? Most definitely.

(Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images)

I can't wait to hear what Chad, Moon, and Stephen Thompson will have to say about this. Don't forget to tune in for Idol Recaps with The Waking Crew and Stephen every week on The Country Station! 92.5 WBKR.