Elimination night Thursday on American Idol and we finally said goodbye to Stefano, who'd been lingering in the bottom three for weeks.  This time, though, he couldn't escape America's vote and now we are down to the FINAL SIX!  So, what does Steve Thompson, our Idol expert, think about all this?  And what's in store for our Idol hopefuls (and us!) next week? 

From Steve Thompson:

I'm more than a little confused about these song choices the makeshift groups have had to sing lately.  Hey Soul Sister?  Really?  I don't listen to that station and I feel like I've heard it non-stop for the last few years.  The strangest idea was the three guys singing Viva La Vida by Coldplay.  I am a huge fan of Coldplay and have the utmost respect for Gwyneth Paltrow's husband-- but singing a song from a concept album is the epitome of out of context.  What next?  Minstrel in the Gallery by Jethro Tull?  (Yes, I am invoking a real flute player to offset the way Scotty holds his mike.)

Good to know David Cook is still under contract to his record label (as opposed to a few other Idols who were either dropped or vanished into the veil of obscurity.)  Not crazy about his Simple Minds cover-- but I was a big fan of Jim Kerr and his music.

Katy Perry.  Hmm...  I used to think she was a novelty act-- sort of a Madonna figure who didn't take herself seriously.  After tonight's excursion into the depths of weirdness, I felt like she was gunning for a spot to sing the love song from the next Avatar film.  Interesting in its own way-- but I'll take a talented Kate Bush over a dull impostor like Katy Perry any year of the Roman calendar.

Moving on to tonight's actual results-- well, goodbye Matt LeBlanc er...  Stefano Langone.  I can't say I've held  him in high esteem at all throughout this year's shows, but he was somehow able to survive this long.  After all, even Justin Bieber has fans. 

Next week...  Bruno Mars and Crystal Bowersox.

And the theme?  For those of you that missed it...  The Songs of Carole King.


Yes, really.  This could be very interesting for the following...

Selected Carole King songs:

It's Too Late  

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

 I Feel the Earth Move                                             

Some Kind of Wonderful

 So Far Away                                                               


Smackwater Jack                                                    

Up on the Roof

 Sweet Seasons                                                            

Pleasant Valley Sunday

 I Believe in Humanity                                             

Natural Woman


Hi De Ho


It's Going to Take Some Time This Time

She's written more, but if any of these are sung by the right people-- this could be very interesting.  (I took the liberty of highlighting my six choices-- which will probably not be the contestant choices because they're not old enough to remember them.)

We'll see next week.

@April 21, 2011   Stephen W Thompson