“Giving a little more” is something that most athletes and fitness experts know all about. They know that to get to that goal or to make the team, they have to push themselves. And I would be willing to bet many of us “non-athletes” can throw in a something on this topic as well. No matter what part of life, we all have moments where we have to “give a little more”.

Sometimes this may not seem so easy either, especially when that “little” seems like a lot. Students at Apollo High School are getting ready to participate in an event that will help them see that giving a little more can be easier than it seems.

The Physical Education department of Apollo High School is sponsoring “Project 88” for the students for a fourth year. “Project 88” is centered on the 88 percent benchmark for running in the Apollo P.E. Department. For males this is 8 minutes and for females this is 9:20 minutes to complete a one mile course. The event will be held on Tuesday, May 7th at 2:30 P.M. Students that make it to the end of the on mile course by the end of the respective time limits will receive a t-shirt.

According to a press release from Daviess County Public Schools “The goal of 88 percent was selected because the staff realized that once physical education students accomplish that goal, they soon realize they can reach 90 percent, and beyond. ‘Giving more of yourself’ is a philosophy Apollo wanted to encourage in all their students, not just in running but in all areas of their lives.”