Finally, our reward for suffering through a blistering hot summer--I'm lookin' at you, July--has come to us in the form of cooler weather. While we're still a week away from the official beginning of fall--it doesn't arrive until September 23rd--we've already received a few nice shots of fall weather, today included. And everyone just seems to be in a better mood. Everyone's more comfortable. Everyone's ready to get this autumn party started.

Last week, we got cooler weather thanks to a great deal of cloud cover from a combination of a cold front and remnants of Tropical Storm Lee, so there was a little humidity in the air. But the last couple of days, we've been in the 60s and the air has been dry, and everybody just seems ready. Roxianne the Receptionist got us all in the mood yesterday when she fired up a cinnamon candle and the whole place smelled like someone was baking. One of our staff members, Jordan, told me he was headed down to Christian County to enjoy the fire-curing of the tobacco. It's a tradition. Very cool. And a good tip. Obviously, football has started back up. NFL, college football, high school football--it's awesome! I love it when News25 Chief Meteorologist Wayne Hart is doing his live forecast on WBKR and mentions how the weather will be for the area football games. I mean, it's just the best time of the year. Maybe, that's because we're usually coming out of a really hot summer--although August wasn't as bad as we know it can be. But, let's get it on! Bring on the Halloween decorations, the apples, the leaves, the hoodies. Autumn is here!