Jaclyn and I are getting VERY excited about the upcoming Lanham Brothers Jamboree.  It's Saturday, April 14th at Diamond Lake's GOOD TIME Theatre and we are headlining their first show of the season.  Check out this teaser trailer that Randy and Barry Lanham put together to promote the show and our appearance on it.  It is freaking AWESOME and looks like something straight out of Hollywood.  This is the bomb-diggity!!

Yes!  In the video, I am clogging!  And, yes, my shirt looks like Halley's comet.  LOL!  And, chances are, next Saturday night, I will probably be in that outfit again. 

We cannot wait for the show and we really encourage you all to get your tickets and come out for it.  The Lanham Brothers Jamboree  is a GREAT show that is perfect for everyone in the family.  Jac's going to be singing of course.  She'll be doing some Miranda Lambert and The Civil Wars . . . and she'll be doing some original songs, both of which have never before been performed with a full band.  She'll be performing 'What Would Loretta Do" and "Jacksonville."

I will be singing as well . . . doing my take on Zac Brown Band's "Colder Weather" and the Mumford and Sons anthem "The Cave." 

We'll also be dancing, acting like fools, and hosting a TV Theme Song Trivia showdown!  Plus, there will be special appearances by The Merritt Sisters, Annabelle Watts and the Foot Stompin' Express Cloggers!

Tickets for the Lanham Brothers Jamboree are $10 for adults, kids 6 to 12 get in for $5, and children 5 and under are FREE!  To get your advance tickets, CLICK HERE!