The Kroger Company announced today that they are discontinuing the 10% discount for seniors conducted the first Wednesday of each month. Kroger will, however, offer a 5% discount on every Thursday. Now, as someone who takes advantage of that every month, I gotta tell you this sounds better to me. For one thing if you forget, you can wait till the next week, not the next month.

“We’re excited about this change because it addresses the primary requests we have heard from this highly valued group of shoppers,” said Tim McGurk, Kroger’s spokesperson.

“With our sale prices beginning on Wednesdays, seniors will now be able to review Kroger’s sale flyer and plan their shopping trips in advance much easier than they can currently. The other big advantage for our senior customers is that they can receive discounts throughout the month. They have expressed that having only one discount per month didn’t work well for their fresh product purchases like breads, fruits, vegetables and meat. Ultimately the new discount is designed to be more convenient for our senior customers and enhance their shopping experience,” added McGurk.

The change goes into effect