It is hard to believe it's time for Owensboro's famous International Barbecue Festival. A week from Friday it opens and all the great barbecue aromas and thick, blinding smoke will waft through downtown. WBKR will be broadcasting from the event on both days. My favorite year was 2009. I was joined on the air by Kizzy and on the streets by lovely Mrs. Moon.

Here Debra and I enjoy a fabulous pork sandwich.

And, Kizzy and I hook up with the biggest soldier I ever saw.

But, for me, the highlight was when all of us were accosted by a group of women from a foreign land. They couldn't speak english but we knew they wanted our picture. They probably thought Kizzy was someone famous. Well, I mean she is, but they didn't know that.

Here I am... surrounded by ASIAN women!!