To catch you up, Owensboro Catholic High senior Tyler Miles asked Jake Owen via Twitter if he would ask Larissa Lewis to go with Tyler to the OCHS prom. Jake did it. Larissa said yes. And now the move (or movement) is on to get Jake to the OCHS prom. Monica the Twitter Girl has been tweeting Jake Owen. I've been tweeting Jake Owen. Jaclyn has been tweeting Jake Owen. We came up with this idea: "Barefoot Blue Jean Prom Night." Monica did the math. If we can get 132 OCHS students--there are about 500 at the school, according to Tyler--that would be enough to spell out "Barefoot Blue Jean Prom." So let's get this thing done. Let's turn Owensboro into JAKE OWENsboro! Of course, Jaclyn IS a little concerned about everyone showing up to prom barefoot and wearing blue jeans. But we'll talk to her.