The Battle for the Big O, the tristate's premiere talent contest is back!  It's your chance to win $1,000 and open the 2014 Liquid Ninja Big O Music Fest on Saturday, August 16th.  Do you have what it takes to stand on the stage and open for country music legends like Hank Williams Jr, The Charlie Daniels Band and more?  If so, then check out these audition dates and the official rules for the contest!  The Battle for the Big O is presented by Henderson Chevy Buick GMC.  Cross that money-saving bridge!

Kenneth King/Dream Copy Photography


Presented by Henderson Chevrolet Buick GMC

Official Contest Rules

#1-  Contestants must be 13 years of age by August 16th, 2014.

#2-  To be eligible for THE BATTLE FOR THE BIG O . . . presented by Henderson Chevrolet…participants MUST audition at one of several pre-determined open-call audition sites, located throughout the WBKR listening area.  Auditions will be held in the month of June of 2014 at the following locations on the following dates . . .

Saturday, June 7th . . . Owensboro Music Center in Owensboro, KY (6pm)

Thursday, June 12th  . . . Fetta in Owensboro, KY (7pm)

Thursday, June 19th  . . . Beaver Dam Park in Beaver Dam, Kentucky (6pm)

Saturday, June 21st . . . The Boiler Room in Owensboro, KY (7pm)**

Saturday, June 28th . . . Show Me's of Owensboro (6pm)

**Denotes 21-and-over audition site**

#3-  To audition, participants must register at their chosen audition site or sites before the stated audition time.  Registration opens one hour prior to start of auditions.  Participants must also provide own accompaniment . . . whether it be instrumental CD track, guitar or keyboard.  CD tracks must ONLY contain BACKGROUND vocals.  Participants determined to be singing along with a lead vocal will be disqualified from the audition process.  Keyboards should have built-in speakers (or other external sound source) in the event patching is not an option.

#4-  A panel of THE BATTLE FOR THE BIG O judges will choose a finalist (or finalists) from each BATTLE FOR THE BIG O audition location.  Any remaining finalists will be designated as “wild card” entries and may/will be selected from the entire pool of hopefuls.  Selections of BATTLE FOR THE BIG O finalists are final and indisputable and the actual number of finalists will be ultimately determined by the success of the audition process and the viability of the contestants involved. 

#5- Since judges MAY vary at each BATTLE FOR THE BIG O audition location, would-be participants CAN audition at multiple audition locations if they so choose and are encouraged to do so.

#6- THE BATTLE FOR THE BIG O is open to solo acts, duos, small ensembles and bands.  However, due to space/sound restrictions imposed by THE LIQUID NINJA BIG O MUSIC FESTIVAL, any band participating must perform in an ACOUSTIC manner both during auditions and THE LIQUID NINJA BIG O MUSIC FEST (in the event a band indeed wins).  Drum sets are PROHIBITED, though a single snare, bongo or beat box is allowed.  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE in either the audition or finale process. Failure to adhere to this rule could result in immediate disqualification from the contest.   

#7-  The BATTLE FOR THE BIG O finale is 7pm, Saturday, July 26th at DIAMOND LAKE THEATRE at 7301 Hobbs Road, Owensboro, KY.  Tickets for the finale event will go on sale following the culmination of the audition process and the announcement of BATTLE finalists (approximately Thursday, July 7th, 2014).  Tickets will be available for purchase at, the WBKR studios and Diamond Lake Campground and Resort.

#8-   THE BATTLE FOR THE BIG O finalists MUST participate in the finale event to be eligible for grand prize consideration.

#9-  At THE BATTLE FOR THE BIG O finale event, finalists will perform a mini-set (consisting of two songs) before a panel of industry professionals who will provide live feedback and ultimately choose the grand prize winner.  That decision is final and indisputable. 

#10-  The winner of THE BATTLE FOR THE BIG O will win $1000 and officially open THE LIQUID NINJA BIG O MUSIC FEST, Saturday, August 16th  at Reid’s Orchard in Owensboro.  The champion(s) will prepare a three to four song set of covers, originals or combination of both (maximum performance time will be 15-20 minutes).  Any sound requirements by the champion and those participating in the performance MUST be cleared by WBKR personnel, who will then get clearance from the organizers of THE LIQUID NINJA BIG O MUSIC FEST. 

#11-  The champion of THE BATTLE FOR THE BIG O must also get pre-approval of his/her/their set list to ensure that it does not conflict with the song list of another act on the schedule.  Covers by the following artists are prohibited:  Hank Williams Jr., The Charlie Daniels Band, Lo Cash Cowboys, The Lacs, JT Hodges, and Brasher Bogue.

#12-  In addition to appearing on stage at THE LIQUID NINJA BIG O MUSIC FEST, the champion of THE BATTLE FOR THE BIG O is invited to appear live during JAC’S BIG O PARTY, Friday, August 15th at the WBKR studios.  In addition to playing live on air during the lunchtime hour, the champion will also perform a 30-minute set in the front lawn of WBKR studios.  While participation in this particular event is optional, it is encouraged as it presents an excellent opportunity for additional media exposure.

#13-  The Country Station, 92.5 WBKR and the organizers of THE LIQUID NINJA BIG O MUSIC FEST reserve the right to change any of the above rules or prizes without notice before and/or during the contest.  Decisions of the WBKR staff and its partners are final and cannot be disputed.

#14-  Owners, employees, servants or agents of WBKR and THE BIG O MUSIC FEST and other sponsors or relatives or family members of such owners, officers, directors, employees, servants or agents are NOT eligible to participate in THE BATTLE FOR THE BIG O.  However, finalists of past WBKR-sponsored talent contests such as “Willie-Oke” and “Goldie’s Survivor” MAY participate in our newest talent search.  Past winners of the THE BATTLE FOR THE BIG O are prohibited from entering again, but past finalists ARE eligible to re-audition!