Want to open for Hank, Jr., Charlie Daniels Band and more? Anyone up for $1,000.00?!? Well, the Battle for the Big O auditions are underway! Another preliminary audition is TONIGHT at Fetta Specialty Pizza in downtown Owensboro and YOU could be one step closer to the Big O Music Fest stage!

Registration for the auditions start at 6:00pm and the auditions begin at 7:00pm. An unset number of finalists will be selected from tonight's audition at Fetta. Solo artists and/or bands are welcome to audition, but I would read the official rules HERE, just to make sure you know what you can and can't do.

Not auditioning, but just want to come to see the great talent? Join us at Fetta tonight for their always delicious pizza and Battle for the Big O drink specials!

Fetta is located at 118 St. Ann Street, downtown Owensboro.

Fetta Specialty Pizza via Facebook (Back of restaurant)