The Battle of Sacramento returns this Friday through Sunday. Sponsored by the City of Sacramento and McLean County, the recreation will be held on the original site of the confrontation between the Blue and the Grey. The south's Nathan Forrest met up with the north's Thomas Crittenden's Army of the Ohio.

Hundreds of re-creators will be there as well as cannons, rifles, pistols, smoke, dummers and more. Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis will be represented. The annual event draws thousands of observers, many from out of the state who spend the nights in McLean county's facilities.

Sometime, though -- since it is a re-creation, you get some unfortunate items in the rear of your photo shoot.

You can get all the information from the Battle of Sacramento's website.

This morning on the WBKR Waking Crew Show, Chad and I spoke with Abe Lincoln. Now, when you are in the 19th century, you may have a little trouble with your cell phone. Listen up below.