Before we got our state-of-the-art spam filter here at WBKR, I used to get all kinds of weird e-mails from people all over the world asking me to send them money for one thing or another.

I remember one from some Turkish guy who needed money because he was stuck living in a yurt and needed to get his family out, or some nonsense like that. The first thing I asked was, "What's a yurt?!?" Well, it's a hut in Turkey, I believe.

Ashley, our digital manager, used to get similar requests from "Nigerian princes."

Ridiculous, obvious scams. Come on!

Well, it looks like we have ourselves another FACEBOOK scam. Oh...and the sun rises and sets every day, too.

They have become so common that I never click on anything anyone sends me on Facebook that might look even a little bit suspicious for fear of being scammed.

And, now the Owensboro Police Department is alerting us to another one via this news release:

The Owensboro Police Department has received information relating to a scam involving Facebook.

Apparently, scammers are retrieving Facebook friend information of users and are sending both e-mails and Facebook messages claiming to be a known friend. In the e-mail and Facebook message, the scammer, using a friend’s information, claims to have been mugged at the London Olympics. They are requesting that the user send money to help them get home.

The Owensboro Police Department will continue to inform the public of various scams when they are brought to our attention.

Please be alert and think before you click.

(But, seriously, a MUGGING at the London Olympics?!? How hard, really, do you HAVE to think?)