It may have looked this way in other parts of the tri-state too, but this morning's sunrise in Owensboro was unbelievable.  And, as I drove to work, I was holding my camera outside Rhonda the Ram trying to capture the moment (and stay on my side of the road and not plow into anything)!  Check out these photos.  The sky was beautiful!

Here's the first photo I snapped . . .

Photo by Tad

And the sky looked so cool, I had to snap a few more.

When I got on the bypass, I noticed some really cool "wisps" coming out of the clouds.  Check these out!

And one more for good measure!

Usually when I head off to work each day, I am in a daze and don't notice anything until I plop down at my desk and tear into my morning breakfast bar.  Today was definitely an exception.  Mother Nature was walking the runway in her sky ensemble!!  It was glorious.