So, today on my midday show, I asked YOU for your best beauty secrets...Lord knows I could use em! Haha! are some of the tricks you let me in on...

SLEEP!!!! (Yea, am I really gonna get any sleep with a size 6 1/2 toddler show in my left rib??)

Never go to bed with makeup on...oops!

For healthy looking hair rinse 1 beer a week through your hair and then shampoo.... just don't drink it first!!

Neosporin is great for chapped lips and overnight relief for pimples

Hemorrhoid cream on eye puffiness????'s useful from top to bottom!!!!!Haha!

Lye soap..... I thought only Martha Stewart knew how to make homemade soap...I'm so jealous!

Be in love!!! Awww....

Take a warm bath in 6T of Algae powder (I don't know what that is either...), soak for 15 minutes. It's like getting a seaweed body wrap... pulls toxins from your pores and pulls water from your fat cells. Who cares what it is..I want some!!

Wet your hair, massage mayo into it (I know....if you can stand the smell!!), wrap it in a moist warm towel, leave for 15 minutes. Rinse, and wash as usual. This should make your hair very smooth!! ( And maybe a little like lunchtime!!)

Do you have any that we've left out???