Happy Birthday and many more to these WBKR Listeners:

Birthdays for: Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Aletheia Snider from Owensboro KY is 29

Barbara Lyle is 38

David Smith from Owensboro KY is 45

Henrietta Havens from Hartford KY is 56

Kim Cecil from Owensboro KY is 53

Lou Ann Bearley is 40

Mistey Ledlow from is 32

Misty King is 43

Paula Blythe from is 53

Rachel Lamb from Island KY is 27

Rhonda Postiglione from Owensboro KY is 39

Richard Brooks is 25

Samantha Smith is 25

Scott Walthall from Owensboro KY is 44

Shana Turpin from Bugtown IN is 42

Shelia Bartlett from Christmas Lake Village IN is 56

Sherry Hoagland is 42

Wayne Vaughn from Evansville IN is 38

Wendy West from Greenville KY is 37

Carl Smith from Hartford is 59

Olivia Havens from Owensboro KY is 55

Kristie Smith is 27

Shelby Basham is 48

Justin Griffiths is 38