As most of you know, I grew up in Milan, Tennessee. Most of my family on my Mom and Dad's side still live there. I've always considered myself to be lucky enough to have two hometowns... Milan and Mayfield, KY. Growing up in Milan, we went to my great-grandparents church, Belew's Chapel Church alot. It's exactly the kind of church you picture when you picture a country-church. Maybe 40 people for Sunday service, choir singing old hymns and a cemetery behind it.

That cemetery is the resting place for some of the most important people in my life. And, for some reason, ever since I was a little girl, it's always been one of my favorite places.

Belews Chapel

I guess that a cemetery is supposed to be scary, but not to me. I even love walking to the back of it and seeing all of the make-shift headstones from the 1800s. My great-great-grandparents, great-grandparents, grandfather and great aunt and uncle are buried there. When I'm there, I feel I'm with them and it makes me happy. There's something about seeing their favorite bible verses and our names carved on their stone that really bring me peace. Being there brings me back to reality...

It's not about what we have, our cars, house, the latest technological gadget that brings us happiness. It's about what warms our heart, what brings tears to our eyes and what we leave behind for our loved ones when we're gone. I have so many memories of those loved ones on the hill at Belew's Chapel. I can only hope that one day when I'm gone, those that come to visit my stone find as much peace that I do when I go visit these.