Find out who you were in your previous life. Our Digital Managing Editor, Ashley Sollars, sent us kind of a fun game today. To find out who you were before, go to Google, type in "... Died on (your birthdate)", then find the first Wikipedia article about someone who died that day. That's you, bub.

Here's mine:  Anton Rintelen. It says, "Anton Rintelen (born 15 November 1876 in Graz, Austria – died 28 January 1946) was an Austrian academic, jurist and politician. Initially associated with the right wing Christian Social Party, he later became involved in a Nazi coup d'etatplot".  Love those coup d’etat’s. I couldn't find a picture of Anton (Moon), but I imagine I would have looked something like this.

From the film "Triple Cross" by Dominique Berretty, Gamma-Rapho