My sister showed me five toys and asked me to pick the two I thought looked most realistic. I chose the toy hand grenade and the toy knife/grenade/watch set. And she set those aside.

The remaining toys were tiny replicas of a pistol and a rifle, and small replicas of two orange handguns with green cylinders. They are all cap guns. But, upon closer inspection, anyone willing to look will notice a small warning on the toy guns. And here it is:


Photo by Dave Spencer


And just for the sake of having a point of reference, here's a shot of the toy rifle next to a tape measure so we'll know what we're discussing:


Photo by Dave Spencer


So, tell me now. How could any police officer mistake any of these toy guns for real guns? And you could really be charged with a crime if you whipped out the Mighty Midget toy gun key chain? Really?

Now, get this. The toy hand grenade and the grenade/knife/watch play set carry no such warnings. And, not only do I submit that it is far more realistic-looking, the toy grenade actually does this:



Obviously, it's a toy. But it ticks and makes an explosion sound. And doesn't alert the media like the far more ridiculous-looking toy guns do.

I just can't help but wonder, "Why the difference?"

What about you? Any ideas?