Last summer, I had the pleasure of learning the basics of scuba diving--how to breathe through a mouth piece, use an air tank, adjusting to the flippers--so I could participate in the Underwater Monopoly with Blue Meridian Dive Center.

Well, the Center's summertime Carl H. Oliver Scuba for Charity season has begun anew. Tomorrow morning, divers--perhaps you will be among them--will gather at the quarry in Hopkinsville to participate in the Underwater Treasure Hunt. Entry fee--day of--is $45. Registration begins at 8AM.

During the hunt, divers will look for "treasures" in the vast underwater quarry. The diver with the most will be declared the winner. There are donated and cash prizes. Plus there will be raffles and silent auctions to benefit various charities. It sounds like a blast. It's making me more and more excited about participating, once again, in Underwater Monopoly out at the Dive Center on Highway 81 next month.

Summertime in Daviess County means diving for charity with Blue Meridian Dive Center.