I want Bob Schrader's job! And if I can't have that one, I'll take Matt Hilton's. Actually, it wouldn't be a good idea for either of those events to come to pass. Bob and Matt are the creators of "Bluegrass & Backroads," a KET program that explores the qualities, lives, and stories that are unique to Kentucky. As you know, I love to travel. And these guys get paid to do it!  Without them, we wouldn't have one of the coolest shows on television. "Bluegrass & Backroads" takes viewers on a tour of the great state of Kentucky as it explores the culture, agriculture, and history from each of Kentucky's 120 counties.  Winner of two Emmys, "Bluegrass & Backroads" plans to shoot an episode at the Barbeque Festival in downtown Owensboro this May. In fact, when I talked to Bob Schrader, he seemed almost giddy with excitement at the thought of returning to Owensboro to sink his teeth into the best barbeque on the planet. What a great show. What a great IDEA for a show. And Bob and Matt are responsible for all of it. They produce, write, film, host, and direct every episode of "Bluegrass & Backroads." The 9th season premiere airs this Sunday morning at 7:30 on KET2 but will be inserted into the full family of KET programming from that point forward. Check local listings for times. And check out my interview with Bob Schrader: