Okay, let's everybody just take a deep breath. We're all running a little hot when it comes to football these days.

First, it was The Call made by a replacement referee that gave the Seattle Seahawks a victory I'm certain they didn't earn. That's just my humble opinion based on my own humble eyesight. And by the way, any and all indignation about that result is very righteous.

Now, a Cleveland Browns/Buffalo Bills game is in the news thanks to a brawl that broke out in one of the upper sections. Since fights at football games are probably more commonplace than we'd like to believe, it's pretty sad when THAT'S the reason the Browns and the Bills are in the news.  And, best I can tell, those are two GROWN men going at it.

Such nice examples for the kiddies.

But here's what I say:

Fight schmight.

I like the Lake Erie waterspout as the most interesting part of this AFC matchup. It happened during pre-game warm-ups. Too cool.