Two days after I received my driver's license, I thought I was an awesome/amazing driver (as most 16-year-old men do), and decided to flex my "skills." After eating dinner at my friends house, the night before the big boat races, Pete and I decided to go for a drive.

We decided to go around a sign indicating a road was closed (good ideas abound already). It had just rained so the pavement sparkled with a smooth, glassy look. Pete pulled up next to me and then gunned it. He tore out, pulled his emergency break and did a slick 180 in front of me.

"Pssssh, child's play," I thought. So, I too attempted the same maneuver. Too bad I pulled the e-brake a fraction of a second too late. I slammed into the back of his car. Not only was I completely mortified and humiliated but I was really not looking forward to having to take the injured car home and explain to my parents why their 1997 Cadillac Catera was damaged and why they were going to have to help me pay to fix another car (which had way more damage). So, I did what I thought was best... I lied. I lied my pants off!

When I arrived home, I told my parents that Pete's car was parked in front of mine and the roads were very narrow - which WASN'T a lie! I told them that I pulled out and side swiped his car, driver's side. Those roads were so narrow! They totally bought it. Hook, line and sinker.

They still made me get a job on my birthday to pay for the damages but to this day, they still believe that I was just an innocent victim of the shoddy road engineering. Mom, Dad, if you are reading this, I'm sorry...