Since I moved into my office in November, I decided to dedicate a wall to T-Shirts only, along with a few other things that wouldn’t look proper anywhere else.

It all started when Theresa Rowe gave me the “Real Men Scoop” shirt when her show, Shaped By Faith began last year on our sister station 1490 WOMI.  You can see it hanging on the right hand side below the ugly Christmas sweater t-shirt that was featured on WBKR this past December.  I figured the Shaped By Faith shirt would be a good wall ornament.  Later on I realized that it can't just be the lone ranger on the wall, so I went through my closet and found a few more that would look alright on the wall, as long as they relate to something I’ve done in my life or for work.

So take a look at it in all it’s glory. Remember anything you’ve attended?  Obviously the Chicago record and the Ohio license plate are out of the question.