This isn't really a review of the film, but a comment on what happens when I see various underrated actors in movies, I scream out their names! Dave Spencer and Chad Benefield can attest to the this; fortunately, they were NOT with me at Bridesmaids.  Okay, well the movie is very funny, although for some reason, it moves really slow in parts, thus, the running time is right about at two hours.  Now, onto the cameos; well to be fair, I won't go name names, but you'll see some former, and perhaps, forgotten Saturday Night Live cast members from the 90s.  I think it's cool the bridesmaids are all funny women who you will recognize.  Ellie Kemper/Becca, is a regular on NBC's The Office, Wendy McLendon-Covey/Rita was a regular on Reno 911!, Rose Byrne/Helen-aka Annie/Kristen Wiig's arch nemesis was recently seen in the horror hit Insidious and in another Judd Apatow produced flim, last year's Get Him to the Greek, and the scene stealer is CBS Mike and Molly star Melissa McCarthy who plays the groom's sister Megan. And of course, former SNL cast member Maya Rudolph plays the bride Lillian; love her! And I love Kristen Wiig!  She's the co-writer and co-producer of Bridesmaids.  She wrote the film at the urging of Apatow after she was cast in a tiny role in 2007's Knocked Up.   Again, I won't give away all the cameos, although there is a HUGE one at the end of the film that made me squeal with delight!!!  Oh, and if you ever happen to see me at the movies, don't be scared, but you may just want to sit somewhere else.