When I was a kid, we used to tell ghost stories all the time. The one that stands out to me was actually a part of American folklore but it was told to me the first time like it actually happened in Owensboro.

I lived near Rose Hill Cemetery growing up. Some people, after learning that, would say, "that explains a lot" but I digress...

This particular spooky, ghastly horror story involves the house that is at the entrance of Rose Hill Cemetery - which is now the office. Now, I don't remember the details of the story but it had something to do with a maniac roaming the streets. There was a teenage girl in the house by herself one night. She had seen the stories on the news of this murderer. So she was a little nervous about being in the house alone and that's why she started to think she was hearing noises in the house - and they probably amounted to nothing. Or did they?

I'm not sure about the lead up to the finale of the story, but she was in bed and heard police sirens. She sat up in bed and looked out the window. Right about then, the door to her bedroom flew open and her father, along with the police stood in the doorway. Her father yelled to her to jump into his arms. When she asked why, he frantically told her to just jump! She did and they took her outside. Then the police flung the bed over and the maniac murderer lay in waiting. He had been there the whole time!

I now ask myself, how did the father and police know he was there? When I was a kid, the question never entered my mind. Just fear. The thing that impacted us the most about that horror story was that we believed it to be true and that it happened just a few blocks from our homes.

Now, it's your turn. We want to hear your scary stories - true or made up. I'd love to read some of these on-air so get your stories in quick!