There are several things that my sweet, little Carsyn loves.... horses, cupcakes, anything Princess and band-aids. Yes, band-aids. I have no clue why she loves them, but we have actually made "art" out of band-aides before. While cleaning out my cabinets, I recently noticed that we have plenty of band-aides and probably shouldn't get anymore anytime soon. Seriously, if the zombie apocalypse actually happened, we could treat all of the wounded with Tinkerbell alone, ha!

It started as a "band-aide" (pun intended, ha!) to avoid getting Carsyn anything major at the store. I mean, think about it... a $20 doll or a $2 box of Mickey Mouse and friends?!? Yep, I'm a money saver people! Now, it's turned into a 20 minute ordeal as to which Disney princess will win the "Grand Supreme" prize of gracing Carsyn's fake ouchie! Seriously, she takes them out one by one, spreads them out on the coffee table and I have to hold the band-aide up to the light and tell her who's on it. Yep, I live a crazy life of Tinkerbell and Sleeping Beauty scouting!

So now, I have eight, count em eight boxes of character band-aides. Don't be jealous people, you too can have 127 boo-boo fixers at your house. Take your pic... Mickey Mouse, Donald, Tinkerbell and her fairy friends, Disney princesses... you name it, we've got it!

Go ahead, laugh it up! But, I'll tell you one thing, if you get a boo-boo in the Sorgho area and you're feeling like a Buzz Lightyear would make it all better, I bet your tune will change!