At 5:00pm Friday night, I decided that I would enter Carsyn into her first beauty pageant. At 6:00pm Friday night, we were at the mall, ready to go! (Of course I thought registration started at 6pm, but I was wrong! The actual pageant started then, oops!)

I really was kinda nervous, but she was so excited and ready to take the stage! And, she did an awesome job!

Now, I know what some of you are thinking... Don't put that sweet baby through that mess, Lord I hope you didn't yell at her, Please tell me you didn't make her wear fake teeth?!?! Haha! No, this was just fun for her to act like a princess and she had a ball!

As soon as we walked on stage, I knew we were in trouble. She was waving at everyone and posing with her hands on her hips. She even wanted me to twirl her around, ha! Maybe this stage-rat thing is hereditary, can't image where she gets that from? ;)

Well, she did win the crown! Now, Chad asked me what her title is and I have no clue! Ha! See, I told you I wasn't taking this too seriously. She also won Best Personality and Best Smile... I think!

I was so excited, because she was so excited. Hope you enjoy these pics of Carsyn's first crown! Maybe it's her last?!? Yea, you're right.... I LOVE this too much! We'll be back!

Here's that Queen herself on the stage.