I was SO excited when I got my Mother's Day gift from Carsyn that she'd been making at Preschool. I submitted a recipe to her school a few weeks ago, but didn't really know what it was for. Well, now I know... the kids made a recipe book for their Mom's for Mother's Day and I LOVE it!

The cover is a series of questions the kids answered about their Mom and the inside is the recipes from the Moms. There's also a section that reads this, "What is your favorite meal that your Mom cooks for you and how does she prepare it?"

Prepare yourself for some funny kid answers, haha!

Here's Carsyn's response, "Chicken nuggets. She gives me a drink, apple juice and cooks them in the microwave." Haha, yes, I am the master of the microwave!

Here are some of my other favorite responses:

"Spaghetti. She makes it up, sometimes it has sausage on it and I don't like that. Then sometimes I like other food like peanut butter and jelly, grilled cheese and bbq chips and all that."

" Pink ice cream. She takes the paper off of it, then you go outside and Roy tries to get it."

"Pizza. She cooks it in the oven and beeps and it means it's not done or done."

"Eggs. Like she gets all her eggs and makes my favorite eggs, flat eggs! She puts them in a flat pan and not real flat then they are done!"

"She fixes cereal in the morning, you chew it with your teeth."

"Cheddar Soup. Her makes broccoli cheddar soup. Her like makes it on the stove, when it's done, the bread comes out of it and makes into a apple pie, when you eat it, it grows up and straight!"

And my favorite...

" Rice. We don't cook it because we go to a restaurant called Real Hacienda, they have rice and beans!"

I love this book and will cherish it forever! If this is all that I get for Mother's Day, it's more than enough!